Her Name is Calla


Performing Sunday 27th May

Exclusive interview with Bearded Magazine

2011 has seen a dramatic change in Her name is Calla’s line-up, namely the departure of long-term members, Michael Love and Thom Corah. The band’s sudden distillation into a trio has been the catalyst for intensifying their music – instead of decreasing in size and sound, the band has developed into a darker, more emotionally intimate creation. Each of their songs has been re-imagined, not as a simplified, acoustic set up, but as a display of intricate multi-instrumentalism, laying bare each member’s personal experiences at every performance.

Her Name Is Calla … make some of the most beautiful, epic music I’ve heard. […] It’s an album that transcends genres… a landscape of sound, at once both experimental and accessible. They can build up a mammoth sound using minimalistic principals, [that is] overwhelming and, at times, consciously suffocating, but at the drop of a hat, develop and evolve a breathing space. The interesting parts of this album include the silence, the juxtaposition of nothing after everything. 8.5/10

THE 405

An epic statement of intent … There’s little to criticise about the diligent attention to detail and precision that went into such a complex creative structure. 8/10


Many just label them post-rock, which seems to have become a lazy blanket term for any music that deviates from the traditional rock song structure. […] Atmospherically and vocally, the band has something in common with bands like Radiohead. There’s an unsettling sense to their music, something melancholic, affecting, but ultimately satisfying. The scope of Her Name is Calla’s ambition and inventiveness is impressive, but it would be nothing without the tunes to back it up. Luckily, ‘The Quiet Lamb’ has that.




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