Saturday 26th


Math Rock. 


10 – 11pm

Bonding over the idea of dragging elements of IDM into the format of a live band, replacing computers with humans, rendering a backing track redundant and adding a humanized dimension to a robotic genre.

 This experimental trio from London play like three caged beasts – sheer raw energy and power contained.

The starting point was ‘how do we do IDM live’?” explains Tom Rogerson (Keys/Vox). “The crazy drum programming is the essence of the genre, there’s no way to replicate a drum machine going 250 bpm, it’s humanly impossible… but the attempt will throw up something interesting

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9 – 9.30pm

Incredible Math / Prog / Schizo Rock that probably do want to kill all pie faced Indie kids. Just watch. And see if you can keep up.

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8 – 8.30pm

They’ve played NWfA already, toured with both Monsters Build Mean Robots and Last Days of Lorca as well as countless Post Rock names – they’ve supported just about every Post Rock band on earth too. Tour / Tour / Tour. These guys mix their own blend of Post Math Jazz and are rapidly becoming one of the UK’s biggest alternative act.

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7 – 7.30pm

Theo performed last year. Remember? He was the guy that looped countless math riffs with drum and bass post hardcore drum beats on the world’s smallest kit. Yeah, he’s the nuts.

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Waking Aida

6 – 6.30pm

They’ve played a NWfA show at The Druids before, but this is their first NWfA festival appearance. Tight clean disco math from Southampton – beautiful stuff with some lovely dance moves to boot.

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