Sunday 27th


Shoegaze. Post Rock. Electronic. Acoustic. 


10 – 11pm

Since the very first NWfA Festival we have asked HNIC to perform for us. Finally. The last few years Tom has claimed that it’s his mother’s birthday. So this year, let’s all sing happy birthday for him. Quite simply, one of the best ambient Post Rock bands on earth.

2011 has seen a dramatic change in Her name is Calla’s line-up, namely the departure of long-term members, Michael Love and Thom Corah. The band’s sudden distillation into a trio has been the catalyst for intensifying their music – instead of decreasing in size and sound, the band has developed into a darker, more emotionally intimate creation. Each of their songs has been re-imagined, not as a simplified, acoustic set up, but as a display of intricate multi-instrumentalism, laying bare each member’s personal experiences at every performance.

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9 – 9.30pm

NWfA’s very own and creators of the festival. A nice hometown local pub show for what can only be described as Post Rock ambient sing-a-long anthems….layered and looped guitars mix build into epic Post Rock crescendos. Their latest album was voted album of 2011 by Festival partners Bearded Magazine.

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8 – 8.30pm

Joe aka The Slow Revolt played the very first NWfA Festival 4 years ago in his main band Brenda (Now called The Feral Text). Ever since he has been returning to The Druids Arms for NWfA and silencing everyone. Most of us huddle around his table of musical and electronic objects asking questions and generally getting in the way. None of us are any the wiser as to what 90% of the gadgets do. But we like. It’s his ‘When Doves Cry’ remix that really caps it all off. Beautiful Buckley esque vocals, over glitchy live made electronics on a table packed with laptops and controllers. Add in the obligatory Fender Tele, build it all up, and then crowd. go. wild.

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The Mountaineering Club

7 – 7.30pm

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Bird Engine

6 – 6.30pm

Birdengine is the musical project of Lawry Joseph Tilbury, whose unique music has been described by The Independent as ‘beautiful, backwards weirdness’ and by WARP Records as “an unknown supernatural force”.

Having released two EPs of early experimental work on Scottish label Benbecula Records in 2005, described by Stylus Magazine as, ‘The first relevant work of freak folktronica’, he then went on to produce the mini-album ‘I Fed Thee Rabbit Water’ (released on Drift Records in 2007) described by The Independent as ‘a 25 minute pastoral masterpiece’. The release of ‘The Crooked Mile’ saw Birdengine record his first full length album, UNCUT said “it whirls like a waltz for the dead – the results are unmistakable and unsettling”

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T. E. Morris

5.15 – 5.45pm

Tom is the frontman of Her Name is Calla, and we’ve got him here for a special little acoustic set to start the evening off…

In his first solo release, ‘An Ocean is Enough to Love’, his music is given a transient fragility: the bare instrumentation frees his vocals to tremble from lamenting whispers to aching crescendo, whilst the autobiographical material shows both a tender weakness and an innate force.His collection of acoustic songs challenges the expectations of such a simple setup – the unshakeable rapture of his performance imbibes even the gentlest sigh of his voice with a formidable emotional reverence.

Based in Pocklington, Yorkshire, Tom spends his time flying between various UK and European tours, both with the band and relatively recently, as a solo artist.

Since June 2011 he has self released six EP’s with the first five selling out largely on pre-order. All without any label support and recorded at home. 

The debut album ‘We Were Animals’, was released in February 2012.

We Were Animals is confessional, an open statement of private struggles and private sins; it does not hope for redemption or for help—it simply asks to be heard.” – The Bomber Jacket

“At his best, Morris sounds fragile, brooding and melancholic, his voice haunting. Having an impressive vocal range certainly helps, and he uses it to forge an atmosphere of quiet intensity.” – Whisperin and Hollerin

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