Three Trapped Tigers


Performing 10pm Saturday 26th May.

TTT are a band born out of a common challenge…

Bonding over the idea of dragging elements of IDM into the format of a live band, replacing computers with humans, rendering a backing track redundant and adding a humanized dimension to a robotic genre.

 This experimental trio from London play like three caged beasts – sheer raw energy and power contained.

The starting point was ‘how do we do IDM live’?” explains Tom Rogerson (Keys/Vox). “The crazy drum programming is the essence of the genre, there’s no way to replicate a drum machine going 250 bpm, it’s humanly impossible… but the attempt will throw up something interesting

Forming in 2008 and taking their name from a book by Cuban writer Guillermo Cabrera Infante, they set themselves the challenge of writing, recording and self releasing 3 EPs.  Allowing for growth and development as a band prior to approaching work on a debut LP.

We wanted to slow things down a bit, and make sure we’d tried lots of different approaches before going into an album. The three EPs let us develop our sound and concept in many different directions in quite a scattergun way which might not make sense on a full-length.”

Three Trapped Tigers exclusive Interview with Bearded Magazine

Three Trapped Tigers have, in their short existence so far, proved there really are no limits to their imagination or ability.

Expect a mind melting but beautiful melding of melody, progressive live electro with opportune slashes of visceral guitar. Furiously schizophrenic and complex duelling Nintendo-style synths and textural electronica.

“Twinkles and booms like a star being born, this feels like being hugged by a computerized god. this’ll make fans of Lightning Bolt, Battles and Aphex Twin cream themselves” NME

“It sounds like the end of music as you know it and the beginning of something dazzlingly fresh” Clash

“Gives the impression of a ticking bomb about to explode” Artrocker

“Dischord + Warp = a listener’s dream come true” Drowned In Sound

“Effortlessly execute a paradox in sound that is as frantic as it is contemplative” Q

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